Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's Not All Fun and Sun!

Sorry for the long delayed update. If you can believe it, I was silly enough to agree to stand as secretary for the new Homeowners Association Board (after the previous one quit in a snit). I have been incredibly busy.

In the meantime, I need to back up a bit and try to remember what we did when Dale and Michelle were here. They were such good sports about me being so involved in meetings. Instead of being toured around all the time, they had to spend a couple of days doing nothing but eating, drinking, swimming and sunning on the beach! A hard way to spend a holiday yes?!

One day I dropped them off for a canopy/zip line adventure, which they loved. Another day, we went to the market in La Penita in the morning and stopped for a few hours on the way home in Sayulita so they could boogie board (see before and after pix). We also went out for dinner a few nights, once to El Brujo, which was fantastic. It was our first trip there and we decided to go because some other owners here love it so much. They are right on the beach, within easy walking distance and have been offering a free drink (huge and delicious margaritas for us) for people living at Los Amores (which is the name of our complex). Wow, the fajitas were excellent, sizzling hot and very reasonably priced. The service was top notch too. Michelle was serenaded by an old Mexican guitar player. Come to think of it, as soon as Michelle arrived here, we got excellent service everywhere. In the markets, all the vendors had a brother for her or told her she would be perfect for them! Shy as she is, she was able to beat them way down on the prices of everything she bought. We also took them for tacos on the street in La Cruz. I ordered gringas for everyone because they are so delicious and filling. They are little beef filled tacos with veggies and pineapple and come with three different sauces,which you really have to be careful in applying. Some are HOT! It's hard to believe that they have been home for well over a week now.

So, for me, my days have been consumed with meetings with lawyers, notaries, the developer, the board members and the new administrator we've hired. I really mean it when I say consumed. I spent at least 8-10 hours daily just about all last week working on this because we were negotiating the takeover of the complex from the developer. Thursday, I had a meeting with the notary at 10, the lawyer at 11, back home in the afternoon to work on the agenda for the big meeting with the owners on Saturday, back to the lawyer at 4:30, back to the notary at 6, all followed by a board meeting here at our house at 8pm. Friday was a little calmer. Saturday we had a meeting all morning for the official takeover, then the Homeowners first Annual General Meeting which lasted 4 1/2 hours. Because I am the secretary, I was keeping the minutes, which I have yet to get typed and emailed out to everyone this week.

Finally, at 6pm it was all over. A little later eight of us all went out for dinner as it was Valentine's Day. I forgot to mention that the day Dale and Michelle left, our wonderful next door neighbours Robin and Sergio arrived back in town for a week. So, in addition to them and us, Jack and Ann and Paul and Sue came along as well.

We went to a great Italian restaurant called Frascati's in La Cruz. They had advertised a special set menu of:
Heart Shaped Crab Stuffed Ravioli with Lobster Sauce
Beef Medallion with Blue Cheese and Apricot and Steamed Potatoes and Vegetables
Hazelnut Mousse with Mascarpone.
One glass of Moscatto wine per person. The price was only $320 pesos per couple or about $32.00 Canadian. It was great and the service excellent. It was so nice for me to be able to unwind after the busy week I'd had. We hitched a ride with Jack and Ann so I was able to have wine with dinner. La Cruz is about a ten minute drive from here.

Sunday afternoon, many of the owners met at the large palapa to celebrate the turnover. So once I get the minutes all finished I will be able to calm down and life will get back to normal. Gail has been very patient with all of this but I keep telling her she has to as she encouraged me to take on the role!

I don't have a lot of photos but enjoy the few I've posted.

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