Thursday, April 1, 2010

San Sebastian del Oeste

 On Monday, Robin, Serge, Gail and I drove to the little mountain village of San Sebastian del Oeste. It was originally a mining town built by the Spanish to loot the gold and silver from the Mexican people. The town was founded in the 1600's and had a population then of about 4,000 but now there are only about 600 living there.

To get there we had to drive into Puerto Vallarta and take the back road past Ixtapa, just behind Gail's favourite store "Home Depot" :) and up into the mountains. If you continue on this same road you eventually reach Guadalajara. I had heard about this road but that it was not a good route. Even though it was just as twisty and winding as the coast road, highway 200, there was no traffic so no getting stopped behind slow moving transport trucks. Next year we will definitely take this road for our shopping trip!

So, the town was very pretty and quaint. It actually reminds me of a European village as most of the buildings, especially the church, are so old. The streets are all cobblestone. We stopped in a gorgeous little boutique hotel which had been converted from a hacienda. What a spot! It would be absolutely the most perfect place to spend a honeymoon. The rooms are fabulous and the views of the Sierra Madre mountains from them are spectacular. 

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