Monday, November 10, 2008

Another Turtle Morning!

We went on our usual morning beach walk Saturday and finally remembered to take the camera. I took a few shots of our beach so you can all see how beautiful it is. We always walk as far as the Decameron Resort.

This morning, when we arrived, there were a lot of people standing in a circle staring at the sand. Or so we thought. What they were actually doing was watching turtles hatch. We saw this incredible sight last year on the same beach, but closer to our house. I think the Decameron had a supervised turtle release event. There is a hatchery somewhere in the bay run by volunteers who are trying to protect turtle eggs from poaching. They dig up the eggs as soon as they are laid and take them to the hatchery. When the eggs are ready, they bury them back in the sand and watch over them until they hatch. They also involve elementary schools around the area in order to educate the kids about the turtles and how endangered they are.

We missed the actual hatching, but saw the same amazing march to the ocean. One crawled up on Gail’s foot and she held another one in her hand. We were able to stay on the beach longer than usual, as it is finally starting to cool down a bit. This morning it was only 25C when we left home. Last night, there was a wonderful slightly cool breeze in the air, which was so refreshing.

Robin and Serge arrived Friday night and it has been great having them here again. We picked up two BBQ chickens, rice, tortillas, hot sauce and coleslaw from the outdoor kitchen under the bridge for dinner. It was enough food for at least 8 people as Darren, Jaime and Hannah (friends of Robin’s) were here too. All that delicious food for only $12.00! Last night, Darren BBQ’d steaks on our Hummer Grill. We still had lots of leftovers from the night before so it was another feast. We are so pleased with our outdoor patio furniture. We got it just in time.

Yesterday, we ordered a buffet from the Mexican Rustic Furniture place on the highway. If we really like it once it is finished, we’ll probably buy more things from them. We want at least some of the furniture to be authentic Mexican.

We also made a big expensive decision yesterday when we ordered a complete house water filtration and softener system. It will be installed next week and then we will be able to drink the water from the taps. It will also eliminate the hard water stains on our sinks, taps and shower glass. So, the other things I want done around here will have to wait until next year. For now, we won’t be putting the roof on the laundry room or buying a washer and dryer.

I have tried to add a little video of the turtles on Saturday morning. It's the first time I've tried to add one, so hope it works and you can all see them!

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Andrew Tamara said...

Hi Karen and Gail,
We just LOVE the video of the baby turtle! How incredible that they know to immediately head for the water and do what is so natural for them....amazing little creatures!

We can't get over the fact you fed all of you that unbelievable feast for only 12 dollars!! WOW! That must be one of the best parts of Bucerias... trying out amazing new fare at a fraction of the cost of what it would be at home.

If you can believe this, we started putting up our Christmas decorations this weekend! OK, so it was only on the outside of the house... lights, a wreath on the door and a small tree on the front step. We are thrilled to be in the same house this year and it was fun choosing a new colour for our new home. We've decided to go with a copper/bronze theme! It looks great... so far!

The kids are doing great - they just passed their latest swim classes (a first for the boys). It was especially good for Brady, as he didnt even want to stick his head in the water a few weeks ago! Now he's doing a front float with his head in the water for up to 10 seconds!! He was thrilled to get his badge, as was Adam. Kensi-bear is such a natural and will be in Red Cross level 6 next time 'round. She is truly a fish.

Anyway, we just want you to know that we feel closer to you, just by reading your blog and now seeing the pix/videos. Keep enjoying your time and be safe.
Love Andrew and Tamara