Friday, November 28, 2008

We have a phone!

Yes, after four weeks of constant trips to Telmex, we finally have a phone, which means we should have Internet soon.

You would not believe the frustration in getting this done. The Telmex technicians show up here unannounced and if you are home you might get service, but it’s not a guarantee. Here is the sequence of events that have happened to us:

  1. Our property manager Linda applied for our phone in August. She was told that our developer had not completed the landline installations to our complex.
  2. One by one, other neighbours started to demand that Dynamica (the developer) finish the installation.
  3. Dynamica ignored us until we stated that we would refuse to take over the complex and start paying our monthly dues.
  4. We arrived October 24 and started our twice a week trips to Telmex to make sure that we were on the list of homes to receive a phone and internet. Linda had been making weekly trips since August.
  5. We received an email from Dynamica saying that as of November 1 we would be able to connect our phones.
  6. Our neighbour Ann had a Telmex technician at her house November 7 and he installed her phone and assigned her phone number. She ran over to see me to tell me that the technician was on site but he had disappeared.
  7. A week later the tech was back again to install the service in homes on the other side of the complex. We found out about it and tracked the fellow down and showed him our contract. He claimed that we did not have an order number on the contract and that we had to go back to Telmex to have one assigned. This was Friday night.
  8. On Monday morning I went to Telmex and they could not find my application. You have to know that there is only ever one clerk on duty and there are usually 7-10 people waiting to see him/her. The average wait is about an hour. So, having already waited an hour, it took her at least another 30 minutes to find us in the system and give us an order number. She then told us that we would see a technician in about two weeks.
  9. My neighbour Candace (and her father) across the street had the exact same situation happen and got their order number the same day as us.
  10. Candace came to see me a couple of days later to tell me that the technician had been at their house that afternoon and installed their phone. We were not home so missed the call. I was crushed.
  11. On Saturday, the 22nd, I came home and found the Telmex tech working on the box outside our house. The box services about 10 homes I think. He was installing the line for my neighbour two doors away. I showed him my contract and begged him to put my line in too. My neighbour is Mexican and tried to help me. The tech called the office and they couldn’t locate my order number. I waved 100 pesos in his face and told him it was his if I got my line! So, he went into the office (closed to the public on Saturdays) to try to locate my information.
  12. About an hour later he was back to say that I had not signed my contract and he could not help me. He told me I had to go back on Monday to complete the contract. I almost cried. My lovely neighbour Jose told me he would help me.
  13. Monday I was back in the office and was told I had nothing to sign! I asked for my modem though and they gave it to me. Everyone around here had to have their phone installed and working before they were given the modem so I thought I was lucky to save another trip. I also asked to know my telephone number. Jorge, the only clerk who speaks English, took my cell phone number and promised to call around 4pm with my number. He did not call.
  14. He also promised to send a technician on Tuesday. No one showed up.
  15. Wednesday I was back in the office. Jorge called the supervisor to try to speed things up for me. He gave me his cell number and told me to call at 4pm to get my phone number and to find out if he could get a technician here that night.
  16. At 4pm, Jorge actually answered his phone, told me my number and said he could not get a tech to see me that day. I had to call again in the morning to find out when.
  17. Yesterday morning, my neighbour Jose took my application and contract and told me he would go to Telmex to get this sorted out. In the meantime, I called Jorge and he said a technician would be here between noon and 3pm.
  18. At 2:30 Telmex called me and said they would be here in five minutes. When he arrived he wanted my contract, which Jose still had and he was not home! I almost started to cry!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Five minutes later, another Telmex truck arrived, did not want my contract, and INSTALLED THE PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sure that the second truck was sent by Jose.
  20. Once everyone left, I hooked up my modem and called the internet dept of Telmex. They wanted my phone number, which I gave them. They said the phone number belonged to James Barron and they could not help me!!!!!!!!!
  21. I am beginning to think that Telmex is insane.
  22. I called Jorge again and he assured me that this is my phone number and that he would fix up the confusion. He also said that it takes about five business days for the information from the service office to reach the internet office.
  23. I had my neighbour Ann call the number and my phone does ring.
  24. I am now waiting the five days………..

All the neighbours who have phone and internet have told me that it does indeed take a few days for the internet service to work. So, all I can do now is WAIT SOME MORE!!

Other good news: Our laundry room roof is finished and it looks fabulous.

We have our water filter and softener system installed and working. It is so nice to be able to use the water from the taps to drink and cook. The stains on the sinks and taps have disappeared and the shampoo suds up with a small dab instead of a huge blob.

My neighbour Barry helped me climb the ladder to the roof to check the installation before we paid the balance. I was so proud of myself for getting up there! The view of the ocean and mountains up there is fantastic!

We’ve had our first visitors. Our Victoria neighbour Dianne and her sister Janet were on a cruise and spent the afternoon with us. We met them at Walmart and took them to Bucerias for a short tour, beach walk and visit to our house.

Ros and Ben from Kelowna were in Puerto Vallarta for a week and came Friday night for an overnight visit.

Sadly, Robin and Serge left Wednesday to go back to Tacoma until February. I drove them to the airport for our final farewell.

We celebrated American Thanksgiving last night at Ann and Jack’s home. They are Canadian but decided to help Marilyn and Barry (from Arizona) have a traditional big dinner. They cooked turkey with all the fixin’s and it was great. We had a lot of fun!

Next on our agenda: We need to find a washer and dryer. Now that we are no longer hostages to Telmex, we can get out and go shopping again. We have ordered more furniture, which is being made. Hopefully it will be here in a couple of days.

In the off chance that anyone wants our phone number it is (from Canada)


I think that is the correct sequence to call but if you have a problem call the operator. We don’t have an answering system so you cannot leave messages. I forgot to bring the power adapter for the answering part of the phone.

I am hoping that my next update will be from my own service!


mexicokid said...

Great blog, sorry about the health problems, the house looks GREAT, well done and YES the bathroom is still virgin, can drink out of there!!! Be safe blessings Les

mexicokid said...

Great blog, sorry about the health problems, the house looks GREAT, well done and YES the bathroom is still virgin, can drink out of there!!! Be safe blessings Les