Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Hours and Fun in the Sun

Every few days someone seems to organize a party or happy hour around here. Last week our neighbour Lupita’s sister Lourdes came by to invite us to happy hour at her house. Lupita lives in Switzerland and her sister Lourdes and her husband Mike live in Victoria! Lourdes has spent the last three winters remodeling her house here in Bucerias. It is in the complex behind ours. She did an amazing job, designing a fantastic cook’s kitchen, a gorgeous garden including a waterfall on the side, and even a pergola on the roof where they go each evening to watch the sunset. She installed a spiral staircase up to the roof and Gail actually climbed it. Now she wants one too as we have an even more fabulous view of the bay from our roof-, which she has never seen!

Tony and Maureen came by one day last week, hollering at all the neighbours to come out and have a game of water volleyball in the pool outside our door. That was lots of fun too- even for me who was just a bystander! Now Maureen has organized water volleyball every Wednesday afternoon and card games every Monday afternoon, all followed by Happy Hour of course.

Anne and Jack had friends over to their house a week ago Tuesday. I had to abstain from becoming happy, as I had to go to the airport at 8pm to pick up Karen and Bud, our across the street Los Amores neighbours (who are here from Stony Plain Alberta) for a short weeklong visit. We were so glad to see them. They are great neighbours! After we got home we sat outside on their patio to visit and update them on all the happenings around here since they left at the end of November. Sadly, they left last night to fly home but at least they are coming back in five weeks. While they were here though we had a great time- out for dinner at Senor Iguana’s one night for awesome fish and chips; then a stroll though town because we are currently in the middle of the two week Festival of Our Lady of Peace-the patron of Bucerias. The town is full of people here to celebrate. There is a carnival in the middle of half of the streets in Centro, so just about impossible to drive down there. Anyway, it was lively and fun.

We also walked by Yo Yo Mo’s- a very popular sports bar here. I love the sign outside! The picture is of Karen (not me, other Karen) and Gail outside the bar featuring Hockey Night in Mexico!

Our neighbour Sue threw a party Friday night to celebrate her husband Paul’s birthday. They live in the Muskoka area of Ontario but are originally from Yorkshire England. Amazingly, Paul and our neighbour Tony grew up within 20 miles of each other! I love their accents. Paul, Sue and Tony are avid soccer fans and we all hear them yelling at their TV’s during a hot match!

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