Sunday, January 4, 2009

Tapas Del Mundo Cooking School

On Friday morning, we took a three hour cooking class at Tapas del Mundo with our friends Josh and Tony. The owner/chef Jorge is a real character and a good deal of the fun was watching him perform and entertain us. This is a little restaurant within walking distance which serves only tapas (little snacks). We were there from 10am-1pm and had the most fabulous tapas. Jorge and his helper (I forget her name unfortunately!) did all the cooking, but we watched everything and learned a lot about ingredients and cooking methods and received the recipes of everything we were served.

We knew we were wise to sign up when we were told there were only two rules: Come with an empty stomach and no drinking before 10:10am! I should have taken pictures of the food but we were having too much fun eating and drinking margaritas.

So our menu was:
Charred Tomato Table Salsa (with fresh bread)
Fried Olives Eduardo (absolutely addicting)
Brie Cheese Pasta
Shrimp in Garlic Sauce
Caesar Salad
Brie Stuffed Chicken Breast
Whole Roasted Garlic Head
and just for me a shot of Screech! Can you believe that Jorge actually has a bottle and only Newfies qualify for a hit!

The only sad thing about Friday was that we had to say goodbye to Tony and Josh. They flew home to Birmingham Alabama on Saturday. It will be a year before we see them again. We only saw our boys three times this visit, Christmas Day, one evening when we had them and Tony's parents Linda and Lorne for dinner and our cooking class.

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