Monday, March 2, 2009

Philo's Kites and Drag Queens!

Thursday night we went to La Cruz with Sharon for gringas on the street, which you know we love. Afterwards, we went to Philo's for the Thursday night open mike and jam session. We love going to this great pizza joint/bar/dance place. Last week we were treated to a fabulous little boy, about six years old, playing the spoons like a little demon with the big boys in the band. He was so little, his feet were swinging from the chair while he whipped the spoons to some awesome music. Philo's has just about the best sax player I have ever heard, Oscar Fuentes. He also does a mean version of House of the Rising Sun that will just send chills up your spine.

Friday, Sharon was not feeling well, so we took it easy at home. No she wasn't feeling the effects of the night before, just too much heat and too little rest I think.
Saturday morning we spent on the beach and Gail took the kite that Dale and Michelle bought for her from one of the vendors when they were here. It was a perfect kite flying day- blue sky and just enough wind to keep the kite up and our umbrella planted in the sand.

Saturday night, eight of us went to Senor Iguana's for a dinner and drag queen show. It was fantastic! We all had a great time seeing these three guys perform Shania Twain, Bette Midler, Marilyn Monroe, Witney Huston, Tina Turner and more. It was a night of complete laughter. Gail the ham had to have her picture taken with the girls when we were leaving.

Yesterday, Sharon left to go back to Edmonton and today we are just about to head back to the airport to pick up our final guests for this season in Bucerias. Our friends Walter and Maria from Vienna are coming for a week. We haven't seen them since 2004 so are very much looking forward to their visit.

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