Thursday, March 19, 2009

Visitors from Austria

Our final house guests for this year have come and gone. We were so delighted to meet Walter and Maria at the airport a couple of weeks ago. We met them almost five years ago when we house exchanged with them in Vienna. It was delightful to see them again.

Walter and Maria are such experienced travelers. They actually put us to shame with their knowledge of Mexico- the people, the culture, the history etc. I am going to spend some time over the next year learning more about this wonderful country that we love so much.

Of course we did the usual tourist trip into Puerto Vallarta. This time I took along a little book I found somewhere which had the history behind every one of the sculptures along the malecon in it. We stopped at each one and read the story which made each of these unusual pieces of art so much more meaningful. Of course we also stopped at the Cheeky Monkey for a break and people watching, then on to a lovely walk to the southside.

We also went to the weekly market in La Penita, where I saw a beautiful Mexican tile decorated mirror that I knew would be just perfect for the guest bedroom. Before I knew what happened, they had bought it for us! We had quite a challenge fitting it into the trunk of the car. In fact, it didn't fit well enough to close the lid, so we had the young salesman find rope for us and tie it into the back. That ended our shopping trip and plans to stop in Sayulita on the way back. We just couldn't leave the car with the mirror hanging out the back.

It was a slow drive back to Bucerias as I had such delicate cargo in back. I am sure that the many vehicles behind me appreciated it when I pulled over to make sure that the mirror was still safe and securely tied in.

Walter and our neighbour Bud spent a a lot of time measuring and calculating the position on the wall. Because everything is concrete here, it's not just a matter of drilling a hole and making another if you make a mistake. Anyway, it is just perfect and we love it. THANK YOU WALTER AND MARIA!

We spent time on the beach and one day went to our favorite hideaway at Destilladaries. This has to be the most spectacular beach in our area but is a little remote so you definitely need a car to get there. The beach is wide and long and usually quite deserted. The day we were there was somewhat busy as I think it was one of the many holidays in Mexico. There were about 100 or so people- which considering the size of the beach was still far from crowded.

The night before Walter and Maria left for Guadalajara on the bus, we went to our favorite beach side restaurant. The portions are so large that we usually split our order. Then after, as it was Sunday night, we drove into PV for family night on the Malecon. They were delighted to witness the indigenous Papantla Flyers present one of their amazing “high flying” shows.

Now they are on to the next stage of their three month tour of Mexico. I know they will immerse themselves in every part of the places they visit. The last stop will be Mexico City where they will meet up with their lovely daughter Steffi, who is currently teaching German in the University there. Our only regret in seeing them was missing Steffi!

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