Friday, February 19, 2010

Tim and Dale Final Week

Oh boy, it's been a bit of time since I last posted. It's been crazy busy here with having company for the last three weeks. So, here is a delayed post.....

After the large windstorm we had another couple of days of unsettled weather (so very strange for us) and finally, the sun came out again so we could play.

Thursday night Feb 4th we took Tim and Dale to one of our new favourite restaurants. El Colequita has opened another location in La Cruz. This is the fabulous seafood place that we love way up behind Home Depot in the Ixtapa area of Puerto Vallarta. Now they are so close, only about a ten minute drive and this new location has an outstanding view of the marina and harbour in La Cruz.
Afterwards, we went to Philo's to listen to the great live band and watch the magic that Leon performs on the washboard! We love this place as the musicians are all around our age and the music is what we listened to growing up. It was a thoroughly fun evening.

Saturday night Maureen had organized a dinner at Audaulto's on the beach in Bucerias. We wanted to thank Marcelino and Silvia for all their hard work for the home owners association. Maureen and Tony's friends from Canada (four of them) had rented the house next to theirs for a month and they are really nice fun people. So, there were twelve of us for dinner that night. The food was awesome and we had the beachside table at the front. Afterwards, we went to the Bucerias Gardens, another restaurant/bar, to listen to the rock band that was playing that week. Again, another outstanding evening of great music that was so familiar to us baby boomers. We had a GREAT TIME! So much so that even Tony who absolutely NEVER dances, was up there boogieing away!

Sunday was another beach day, just soaking up the long overdue rays and people watching. Sunday of course is family day here in Mexico and is the best day for seeing the fun that the Mexicans have with their families. It's always crowded and lively on the beach.

During the final few days with Tim and Dale, we took a drive back into Puerto Vallarta and went way past the south side down to Mismaloya. We stayed there in a resort the year before we bought our place here. That is where Chico's Paradise is-where we zip lined with Robin and Sergio a few years back. We wanted to take Tim and Dale to see the kids who somersault into the pools of water in the river. They are amazing but unfortunately, were not there that day!! Such a disappointment!

However, on the way back into PV we took a detour to the movie set for the Predator. That's an old Arnold Schwarzenegger movie from back in the 80's. We are not into that kind of movie and had never seen it or had any desire to go to the movie set.  It turned out to be a highlight of the day! The road up to the set was truly terrible-full of potholes and twists and turns and jungle. It set the scene for the movie for sure! At the top is another zip line company and of course lots of scenes from the movie. Tim and Dale love this movie so they were delighted to go there. It's also breathtakingly beautiful! There were lots of kids swinging from the rope over the river and dropping into the pools of water. They also were able to scoot around the rocks up to the small waterfall and slide on the big smooth rocks over the falls and into the swimming hole. Almost makes you want to be a kid again!

We stopped in the southside of PV on the way home for a late lunch/early supper at a little place called "A Touch of Italy". It's owned by the parents of Troy, who owes and operates the Cheeky Monkey on the Malecon. They are all Canadians, living the dream of working in paradise. Anyway, we ordered sub sandwiches, which were fantastic! After eating Mexican food for months, a little bit of Canadian style food was delicious!

Thursday night, the last evening in Bucerias for Tim and Dale, they treated us to an amazing meal at Mezzagiourno. We have always meant to try this place, which is next door to our favourite little place El Brujo- and the closest restaurant on the beach to our house. Oh boy, we think we have a new favourite! We had the best table in the restaurant, overlooking the beach and waves. The sunset was made to order. We were lucky to watch a cruise ship in the dark-all lit up and mysterious, sail from the marina in Puerto Vallarta, past Punta de Mita and onwards back to Los Angeles.

Then, alas, it was Friday and a sad farewell to our buddies Tim and Dale. We had a wonderful time with them and only hope that the bad weather has not soured them too much! Next year will be better!!  So, you two, you need to plan a return trip! Oh, and Marcelino has the inside track on that house two doors from us- when it's ready for sale, we'll let Michelle know lol!!

Tomorrow, hopefully, I'll post again recapping the time with Tamara and Andrew!


Anonymous said...

You guys are having wayyy too much fun!!! We're so jealous!!!


Anonymous said...

Oops that last Anonymous was Cat & Daniel!

Anonymous said...

Oh what a fantastic time we had. Hurricane and all we couldn't have asked for more fun!!! I think you ordered this for us to make sure we were entertained. Well we have been back for a week and are still talking about all our adventures and all the wonderful places you took us to. Sure miss you guys, breakfast is just not the same without you. I will talk to you soon get some well deserved rest now that you have your home to as always Dale and Tim