Sunday, February 21, 2010

Andy and TJ in Bucerias!

It's hard to believe that almost a week has passed since Andrew and Tamara arrived on Valentine's Day. We've had a week of sun, rain, wind, more sun, clouds, sun and lots of tequila! I have to say that they are most unusual house guests! Who else comes to Mexico and WANTS to hang out at home and cook every night? It was a bit of a chore to get them to agree to go Friday night to La Colequita-the fish place in La Cruz. In the end I think it was a big hit, as they loved the restaurant, the ambiance and of course the amazing food.

We went into Puerto Vallarta on Wednesday and it started out warm although a bit cloudy. We stopped at the Cheeky Monkey for a drink and that is when the rain started. On the way back to the car we made a detour to the little taco stand by Rizo's grocery store for beef tacos. Because it was raining we took it all back to the car, settled in, opened the windows and had real Mexican style fast food! It was beyond delicious! This was our favourite little taco stand when we rented in the south side a couple of years ago. This is the real typical Mexican food but unfortunately, many tourists are afraid to eat at these taco stands. They are missing out on the best food imaginable and so cheap! We were all stuffed and the total bill was about five Canadian bucks.

We made a stop at Walmart on the way home for Tequila to take back to Kelowna. While we were shopping the heavens completely opened. It was amazing as the roof on the store is all metal and the rain was pounding so hard it was hard to hear anyone speaking! Having the Olympics on TV has been a godsend because of the crummy weather we had for almost two days.

Yesterday morning we walked to the market for trinkets and gifts for the kids and family back home. The weather is awesome again-as it has been since Friday, which became a complete pool/sun/relax day. 

So, now here we are and today is the final day of our final guests this season, which of course means we are also getting close to our own return to British Columbia (boo hoo).

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Andrew & Tamara said...

Hola Gals! We both can't thank you enough for an incredible week. It was way too short and we are so excited at the prospect of returning May 2011. You both are wonderfully gracious hosts and thank you for letting us hold your kitchen hostage for a few meals. We arrived safely back into Kelowna this afternoon and have that delightful 4am alarm tomorrow. Love you both! Andrew & Tamara