Friday, March 19, 2010

Final Project for the Year

FINALLY! My carpenter arrived this morning, only three weeks late. Back in January, I hired this fellow to make and install more kitchen cabinets. We don't have nearly enough and there is a lot of wasted space above the ones that we already have. So, I told him that they had to be done the first week of March, after all our company left. I also told him that we are leaving April 1 (a bit of a fib as we are actually leaving April 7). The last thing we needed was construction going on when we are trying to close up the house for the summer.

It has been hell trying to get in touch with this guy. I wouldn't have cared except I gave him a $5,000 peso deposit so he could prefab the cabinets. This morning when I called him to say we are leaving in less than two weeks he hung up on me!!!! I was truly beginning to think that I would never see him again.

But what do you know- he is here and the cabinets don't fit. Surprise. Now we are being subjected to him rebuilding them in the driveway and creating a hell of a lot of noise. Doesn't matter. He is here and I have hope that the kitchen will be done before we leave. At least I have all the material here, which is what I have paid for so far.

Last night we met our neighbours from two doors down-the end unit that Dale and Tim will remember as there was a rumor that this house is for sale. They are CHILDREN!! Well, that's what they are to me. Really really sweet kids who live in Denver Colorado. We sat outside with them and Robin and Sergio until quite late. Jaime is 26, cute as a button and a tax accountant. His wife Alexandra is only 24 and a law student. She is American and he is Mexican. This is the first time she has even seen the house and sad to say for Michelle- they are not going to sell.

Well, this is tax season and it would seem impossible for him to get away for a week, but Jaime has just found out that his 48 year old mother, who lives in Guadalajara, has cancer again after six years cancer free. The family is all quite devastated naturally. They are all coming to Bucerias to try to relax and be together for a week and should arrive later today. If they are anything like Jaime, we will love them.

Stay tuned for before and (hopefully!) after kitchen reno photos.

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