Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring in Bucerias

It's hard to believe that we have less than a month left here in paradise. We are already getting anxious about leaving- a completely different feeling than we have when we leave Victoria. I guess that is telling us something.

There are sure signs of spring arriving soon, just like up north. The first is that Robin and Sergio arrived a week ago! They are almost the opposite of everyone else here, as they arrived March 3rd for six weeks, just about the time when so many of us are leaving. So far, we have said goodbye to the owners of four homes.

It seems odd to me, but there are deciduous trees here in Mexico-the kind that shed their leaves for the winter. Because it is so hot here, and so unfamiliar to see trees without leaves when it is warm, they look dead. How wrong! They are starting to come to life, some with the most amazingly beautiful exotic flowers. Last night, we went into town to have tacos at The Rim- and passed a few trees, completely bare except for the hot pink shock of colour at the top.

There are other trees with fruit on them. We recently discovered a tree which is on our usual walk, but hidden in amongst the leaves are these HUGE odd looking fruit. We've been told they are Jackfruit- but I really don't know for sure. Then, also on our way into town last night, we saw a small little papaya tree with baby fruit growing on the branches.

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Marg said...

Good to see another post. Sounds as if you'll be sad to leave... any thoughts of living there permantly?