Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm Here and Hot but Happy!

Hola! Sorry for the long delay in updating the blog. We were on the road early Thursday morning and had Mazatlan as our evening goal. It was fabulous to finally see the road sign. It was still a long way but I have to admit that I have become quite good at ignoring the speed limit :)
As a result, we reached the city at around 2pm and I thought it was too early to stop so we decided to drive to the next town. Only problem, none of them had any motels that we could see! I was forced to keep going all the way to Tepic, the capital of the state of Nayarit. I knew there would be lots of places there and sure enough as soon as we were on the outskirts we stopped at the first place we found. It had started to rain and was getting a bit dark. The rain is common at this time of year in the late afternoon. The great thing about getting to Tepic was that we only had a three hour drive in the morning! Yippee! I almost dropped and kissed the floor when we opened the door, but this being Mexico, and having been away for more than six months, it was a wee bit dusty!! I have to run, but I will try my best to get back here to the internet cafe tomorrow and I will have more time to give a proper update. The main thing is that we are here and safe. And oh yes, the temperature is on average 30C........

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