Sunday, October 5, 2008

Less than two weeks till we hit the road!

I promised everyone that I would do another blog detailing our trip to Mexico. This year is the most exciting of our trips south because we are going to Bucerias (just about 20 minutes north of the Puerto Vallarta airport) to move into our new townhouse for the winter. This will be a real working vacation while we deal with the Mexican developer, the workers, buying furniture, having basic things like mirrors and light fixtures installed and generally learning that in Mexico everything is MANANA (meaning tomorrow)! This will be a real test for me- the quintessential A type personality. I know, I know, I need to leave my expectations of excellence and promptness behind me. Who knows, maybe I can actually learn how to relax and enjoy the good life I am so fortunate to have! The photo is of the beach we access by walking less than 10 minutes. The Sierra Madre mountains are in the background.

In the meantime, it is typical Karen time. I need to clean the house from top to bottom; do an entire fall's worth of Victoria gardening in just 11 more (sure to be rainy) days (while working full time for 6 of them); pack the car with as much stuff as I can possibly fit in there; visit and say goodbye for the winter to friends (for four of the remaining nights); loose 20 lbs; stress about the 7-8 day drive to Mexico (very important to stress otherwise we will not get there safe and sound); limit the amount of clothes Gail thinks she needs for 6 months and I have to fit in the car (after all, there is the beach and the pool, come on!); try to figure out which Christmas things I absolutely have to have Carol and Shannon pack when they visit next month (all of them? they are like my children, how can I choose?); eat everything remaining in the fridge and freezer before we leave for six months; did I mention, "loose 20 lbs"?; have the car tuned up, tires properly inflated, kill switch installed, GPS programed, travel/medical insurance purchased; ohmygod, I need to have a shot of tequila to stop my brain from overloading.

It was much simpler when we drove across Canada in the late 70's. The only important things then were taking our monster stereo speakers with us and getting through Saskatchewan during the beer strike. The mouse in the car was a bonus that we do not want to revisit.

OK then, this is the first post. I will update the blog before we leave and as often as I can find internet access along the route. I would really love to hear from you either through the comment section on the blog or via email, which as you all should know is

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Carol said...

you made we lol. Can hardly wait to read your posts............

Anonymous said...

Karen and Gail,
Wow! Sounds like an absolutely wonderful adventure. I look forward to updates! Enjoy.

Andrew and Tamara said...

Hi Karen and Gail!! WOW, you must be so excited, counting down the days before you hit the road!? We are absolutely thrilled for you and want to wish you good health, LOTS of laughs and endless new experiences in your new home in Bucerias! Take care of one another and can't wait to get the updates on your blog!

Anonymous said...

We leave on Oct. 25 for our 6 months in Mexico too! We will all have wonderful stories to tell, and I am glad you realize that Mexican time is MUCH slower than ours...! Try to chill, girl, and enjoy these last few fall days before you go. The drive will be great - we did 16,000 km in Mexico and loved every minute of it. Hugs, Daph and Miki

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen-I left an email for you yesterday.Are you already on the road to Mexico?

Anonymous said...

Hi Folks,

Glad to see you are on your way!

I had a look at your trunk and you sure have it kitchen sink though unless it's down below somewhere.

Enjoy your trip and keep your eyes on the prize at the end of the road.