Thursday, October 16, 2008

Packed and Ready To Go!

I never thought it would happen. I managed to get ALMOST everything I wanted in the car. Boy oh boy is it tight. Remember the beer closet on the Carol Burnett show? Well, I am afraid to open the trunk or the back door because everything just might pop out exactly like that! I just need to pray that the custom officials in Washington and again in Mexico do not want to go through everything. It's like a jig saw puzzle. I will never get it all packed in again. So, everyone, keep your fingers crossed for us!

We are booked on the Port Angeles ferry at 10:30am tomorrow. We'll be staying with our friends Robin and Sergio in Tacoma Washington tomorrow night. They are our next door neighbors in Bucerias and will be flying down in November. In the meantime, Robin thinks that she can send a stained glass painting with us!! I'll let you know if that happens. We have our GPS all programed and our Trip Tik from BCAA ready to take us on our long journey south.

Some of you have mentioned that you have been unable to leave comments. I've changed the settings so hopefully it will work now. Try again! Also, remember that you can see larger images by clicking on the photos I have posted.

Hasta la próxima vez, Adios!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

HI Girls,
Have a very safe journey of adventure to Mexico! I will keep posted to your Blog.

Karen, you did an amazing job packing. By the way... is that Gail in the glove box?
Love to you both
Bon Voyage!!