Friday, December 4, 2009

A Quickie Update

Gail's Mom is doing really well and in fact is now up and walking a bit. Gail will be flying back to Bucerias on Tuesday and arrives around 8pm.

I left Bucerias this morning at 7am to drive to Guadalajara. Ann and Jack came with me and Barry and Marilyn drove in their car. Now we are here and plan to shop till we drop tomorrow and Sunday. I've already had a taste of how fabulous it is here. I've spent a whopping $50.00 and cannot believe what I got for it! We are actually staying in the market town of Tonola, just on the outskirts of Guadalajara, which is where all the artisans sell their wares. Can you believe it? I FORGOT MY CAMERA!!!! But luckily Ann has hers and I've taken some pictures with it. I'll have to get her to email them to me so I can update the blog when I get back home on Monday night.

More next week, including photos of my loot!


Anonymous said...

Want to trade places? It is 7pm Sunday and we have had close to 25cm of snow with another 15 coming by morning. Oh well that's life in Newfoundland. Glad to hear Gail's Mom is doing better. Take care.


Marg said...

We are home from Maui... have left the heat for cold, but very sunny, days here in Victoria. It is beautiful. I've been out with my camera taking very scenic photos of Mt. Baker and the Olympic Range.
I'm looking forward to yopur 'shopping' photos. What more could you need???