Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Upper Hallway and Stairs


The sun is shining again! A beautiful cloudless day just like it should be here. I spent the morning cleaning the upper hallway and stairs. It's been messy for weeks while I did the painting and Lobo did the mural. We also had a handrail added at the top of the staircase which I've wanted done since we moved here. There was a very dangerous area at the top of the stairs and now it has been eliminated. I'm posting a few pictures now that everything is done. The area at the top of the stairs is very large and there was really no use for it. I decided to have an electrical outlet installed so I could put a desk there for the laptop. It's a great place for it. The desk and chair fit perfectly there. You can also see more of the top of Lobo's mural. The two doors are to the guest bedroom and the third bedroom which we are using as a den.

I've been waiting all afternoon for Beto, the electrician who installed the outlet last year, to come fix the ceiling fan in the master bedroom. It only turns on low speed and it's not at all effective. Of course right now Beto is almost three hours late. He probably won't show up. Sigh.....but I have to realize it's a small price to pay to live in paradise!

The placement of the photos on this blog is so random. It drives me crazy. I can never get them to go where I want them!


Anonymous said...

Hey I recognize that bedspread in the master suite, I believe it took an adventure with Thelma and louise!! The additions you did look great and nice pictures of the stairway your right the handrail does make it safer. Your place is really looking great, can't wait to see what art work you bring back from shopping. Hope all is going well with Gail, talk to you soon Love Dale

Anonymous said...

Wow!! You have accomplished so much, and the house is looking terrific! Glad to hear Gail's Mom is feeling better and that she will be back home with you soon. Happy shopping!!

Love ya!! Cat & Daniel