Monday, October 25, 2010

Marble Walls

I've already posted these photos on Facebook, but here they are again on my blog. I finally have the kitchen walls marbled and they look terrific! One of my neighbours lives in Guadalajara and owns a vacation home here in Los Amores. Darren has access to marble, granite, onyx and other stone through his job. Last year I saw what he had done in his house with this marble. I told him how much I loved it and that I wanted it in my kitchen. Then he told me that this marble is normally very expensive because of the shipping charges to get it to this area of Mexico BUT he had enough left over for my kitchen. I was thrilled and arranged to have it done by one of his Mexican workers when we came back this fall.

Every piece of this marble is hand chiseled by a family in Tepixe de Rodriquez in the state of Puebla, Mexico. Darren told me that this area is a famous place for fossils and dinosaur/mammoth remains. Quite a bit of the marble has fossils imbedded in it but I don't know if any of mine does! Here is a link to a You-Tube video of the marble being quarried and the fossils being documented.

I couldn't believe it but Darren and Francisco (aka Frank), arrived here Saturday morning. Darren had to painstakingly chip off the white paint which was on the concrete walls so the adhesive would allow the marble to adhere to the concrete. As Darren chipped away, Frank placed and sometimes cut the marble pieces to fit. It was fascinating to watch because it was like putting a jig saw puzzle together, or like me packing the van :)

It was all done by 8pm except for washing and polishing it Sunday morning. Every crook and cranny downstairs was covered in fine marble dust, but I didn't care. I LOVE IT!!!

Later this week we are hoping to replace all the wood baseboards in the house with Mexican ceramic tile. Robin and Sergio had all theirs done over the last few weeks. The worker they hired is fairly prompt and needs the work and money. A lot of houses have termites in these baseboards, as did Serge, which is why he had it done. Luckily we don't have them yet, but it is inevitable. We figure we'd better get it done before anyone else arrives and is competition for the workers!


We Are Having Fun said...

This is totally amazing. I love it too.

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