Saturday, October 23, 2010

Work, Fun, Paul, Nancy, Tutles!

Whew, we have been so darn BUSY here for the past five days. When we arrived Sunday we managed to empty the van, with help from our neighbours Robin and Sergio. Then we just vegged and hung out with them for the remainder of the evening. It was so great to see them! They had dinner all ready for us, which was so sweet.

Then, we literally spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday putting away all the stuff we had brought down. I hauled a Rubbermaid type tall cabinet with us to put in the laundry room. So that took time assembling. It also took hours to clean up the laundry room and finally put everything in a proper place. What a difference in there. I can actually find things now. I really should have taken a photo of the house before everything was organized to show just how much we had to put away. It looked like we had just moved in!

One of my co workers from the bank, Paul, and his wife Nancy, arrived last Saturday along with about thirty other family members and close friends. Their daughter Ashley was married at the Dreams resort in Nuevo Vallarta on Monday. I had arranged to meet up with Paul and Nancy on Thursday. We met at the resort, were introduced to the newleyweds, their son Brandon and a few others in their party and then took off for the day.

Paul told us that he wanted to take everyone to see the turtles being released but was unable to find out where to go. The tour operators at the hotel were not helpful. Of course Gail and I knew exactly where this wonderful rescue program occurs. Turns out it was just about a twenty minute walk on the beach from their resort. We made a quick stop to make sure there would be turtles that evening. The little baby pool where the hatchlings are kept until dusk had lots of little ones desperately trying to escape for their march to the ocean. The volunteers for this program keep them penned like this to help increase their survival rate. At dusk there are less predator birds overhead and the angle of the sun lessens their view of the little ones.

Then we came home for the afternoon. We had a much needed relaxing afternoon. Gail made lunch, Robin and Serge joined us and we sat outside and enjoyed the terrific weather.

As Robin and Serge had never seen the turtle release we decided to meet Paul and his family at 7pm to participate in the release. By the time we arrived back at the turtle nursery the baby pool was teeming. The volunteer worker told us there were approximately five thousand babies to release. Sadly, only 2% survive so they really do need all the help they can get.

I never tire of this amazing spectacle of nature!

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