Monday, October 11, 2010

Mexico 2010!

Today is Thanksgiving Day in Canada. We are grateful for many things: Health being Number One of course; then our wonderful friends and family; our beautiful Mexican home; and today the fact that I've got everything in the van! Whoo Hoo! I won't be able to see out the back very well, but I've been forced to learn to use my side mirrors. Today we are cleaning the house top to bottom and looking forward to an early, relaxing evening. We're booked on the 10:30 Coho sailing tomorrow morning to Port Angeles but as we clear U.S. immigration on this side, we have to be there by 9am. I'll try to update the blog as we drive to let you know where we are each night. Adios Amigos!


Maureen said...

Stay you both.

We Are Having Fun said...

Sandy & I are on Oregon coast... at Garibaldi (north of Tillimook)tonight at a waterfront private site. The sun is shining and it is very beautiful.
We wonder where you are?