Friday, October 9, 2009

Getting Ready To Hit The Road Again!

It's Friday afternoon, October 9th and this is the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. Gail and I are both excited to get going on our drive south. This summer I bought a van- a second hand Ford Freestar, with tons of storage space so we can take lots of "stuff" with us! And boy oh boy, do we have lots of "stuff", especially my CHRISTMAS TREE!. I am going to have a real Canadian Christmas in Mexico this year, finally. I have really missed having a tree and the having the house all decorated.
We've packed dozens of boxes, are taking a dehumidifier, bed frame, large satellite dish, tons of little appliances to reduce the heat caused when we have to use the stove and so much more I can hardly remember.
Our planned departure date is Tuesday October 20th, so stay tuned for updates on our 2009-2010 adventure to Bucerias!


Marg said...

What a great looking van. Yes, it should hold a lot of goodies! Have a safe and fun drive south.
Marg & Sandy

Anonymous said...

Hope you guys have a great trip with your new ride. Take care and I'll definitely be following your blog with envy!!