Friday, October 23, 2009


We made it to Robin and Sergio's in Tacoma around 3pm on Tuesday. They were both there waiting for us. It was nice to finally arrive as the drive was kind of miserable. The ferry trip on the Coho across the strait was foggy and the fog horn was sounding during the entire crossing.
Robin had arranged for a dinner party in our honour which was so sweet! All their friends who had visited them in Bucerias last year came: Scott and Nancy, Jennifer and Dan and Sue plus her daughter Jaime and husband Norm-who are coming in the spring with their two boys for a family holiday.
We had a great time visiting and catching up.
Wednesday morning we were up and gone by 9am down I5 to Redding. What a horrible drive it was! The rain was incredible and didn't stop at all until we were over the mountain passes in northern California.
We did see a few odd things on the freeway-like an AIRPLANE being towed behind a car! We saw at least four very large double tractor trailers pulling loads of garlic bulbs (wonder where they were going?)and for about an hour we were right behind a Brinks truck- I couldn't help but think that had to be the same truck that is always late delivering to the centre!!
Then, just like a switch was turned on the rain stopped and the sky was blue and I turned off the heat in the van for the next six months! We stopped in Redding California that night but I was so tired from driving eight hours in the driving rain that I had no energy to update the blog.
Yesterday was another eight hours to Palmdale, just outside Los Angeles, where my cousin Cathy and her husband Daniel live. We'll stay here for a day or two and that will be my next update!
Here are just a few photos from Tacoma and one of the rain!

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