Tuesday, October 27, 2009

We're Home!

FINALLY! After a long two day drive we are home. Yesterday, we crossed the border at 6:15AM just as soon as it was light enough to drive. It was perfect because when we got to the place where we had to get our tourist visas and buy the car permit, there was an open wicket-no waiting like last year. That is to say, no waiting for a clerk but it still took 45 minutes for him to process the paperwork. I think they must have old Texas Instrument computers.
The early start gave us plenty of time to drive way past where we stopped last year. We made it all the way to Culiacan last night. We finally stayed in a no tell motel- it was kind of ugly-only porn on the tv but the car was safe and secure in it's own garage attached to our room.
We were on the road again at 6am. The drive was fast until we passed Mazatlan, then the highway was just two lanes all the way to Tepic. After Tepic AGHHH it has to be the worse road in Mexico. We dropped from 3,000 ft to sea level in 167km on a twisting turning narrow two lane road. Just awful. We were stuck behind a truck with no brakes! for at least 30 minutes-so of course he was driving at 5KM an hour. Did I mention how PAINFUL that was?
No matter, we sailed past our house AT 2PM and went straight to Mega to get the basics for groceries, then home to at least an hour unloading the car.
We are here, the phone, internet and satellite are working, I've just had a shower, it's 32C at 8:30pm and we are HAPPY!!!!

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