Monday, October 19, 2009

Here We Go!

Oh wow! How quickly October 19th has come. We are booked on the "Coho" ferry tomorrow morning at 10:30 to Port Angeles. I am so glad that I have taken the last few days off from work. Just about every minute has been filled with cleaning the house, last minute yard work (especially after the terrific rain storm we had on Saturday) packing the van and packing ourselves.

Today, we met Dave and Suzanne, retired teachers from Northern Ontario, who are renting our house for the winter. They are very nice and friendly. Their son,
daughter-in-law and two baby grandchildren live just a couple of kilometers from here so they are delighted with our location. They also love to garden which is a huge bonus for me! They have a beautiful Victorian home that is on the market back in Ontario as they want to move here. We feel very lucky to have them as tenants/housesitters.

This afternoon, Dale stopped by to say goodbye and she actually tried to fold herself into the van. Fat chance-I can't get a cracker in there! And anyway, I thought she was a FRIEND. She actually brought Gail a bag of CHEETOS eat in my nice clean van. Just because Dale and I stuffed ourselves on Mexican Cheetos on the way home in March in Gail's car doesn't mean she gets to eat them in my van!! Anyhow, what ever happened to "What goes on the road, stays on the road"?

I've included some photos of my stuffed van. I still have my laptop case and two backpacks to squeeze in there in the morning. Oh, and my van has dark tinted windows in the side and back windows, so even though it is full-it's hard to see in. Anyway, who wants my Christmas tree except me? :)

Adios to all and we will keep in touch!

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Marg said...

Funny thing: our friends, Donna & Lynn (from Penticton) were on the same 10:30am sailing... wondered if you noticed 2 women also travelling with a van full of goodies. They were here for the wedding reception and are now on their way to Arizona for 6 months. They have bought a place at SMR. Tonight they made it to Salem, OR