Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fiesta Patronales -Nuestra Senora de la Paz


The Patron Saint of Bucerias Our Lady of Peace Festival was January 24. Here in Mexico every city, town and village has a patron saint and the feast day is celebrated for the week preceding it. It is always wild here during the festival. At the beginning of the week there are very loud firecrackers and loud gunshot noises that start early in the morning-all week long. And I mean early-like 5am! Some of them sound like bombs! We were away for most of it this year but on Sunday we were home and decided to walk into town in the afternoon to see all the festivities. There is always a carnival in town during this week and they close two of the main streets to traffic to set up the rides. It's almost impossible to drive through the town so it's much better to walk. For us it's only about ten minutes so we always walk anyway. Sunday is also the Blessing of the Fleet day-which I wrote about last year. Just before we arrived there was a parade where many of the people and young children ride horses.

The town square was filled with people-lots of vendors and food stalls and even liquor stalls-I guess the Mexican version of a beer garden. One food stall was mobbed by people because they were giving out free plates of tiny tacos filled with vegetables. Every night in the square there is free entertainment on the large temporary stage and the first and final night there are fireworks.

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Marg said...

What fun!
How nice for you to do this trip and see something new.

As our lives continue here in Victoria... we've taken advantage of good weather and completed lots of gardening.

Also, we've been having hour long walks through our neighbourhood each and every day (well, for 2 weeks now... hope we are able to continue when rains come... they must return sometime)

Bye for now.