Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More Outside Photos

Our friend Marg in Victoria wants me to post more outside photos. Here are some I took this morning. There are a few taken from our patio looking toward the small pool, which has a small view of the ocean beyond. There are some of the main palapa and infinity pool-which has a fabulous view of Banderas Bay. This morning I caught a shot of a cruise ship entering the bay and looked up the cruise schedule just now. It's the Sapphire Princess as it's the only ship coming into port today. There is a photo of Gail in the garden area outside our back door. Our house is over her right shoulder where the brown umbrella is open. The final ones are taken from the master bedroom window and  balcony. Enjoy!



Maureen said...

Wanna trade? You take the snow and I take the sun. Please!!!!

Marg said...

These are great, especially showing relationship between your patio and small pool. Looks wonderful.
Now... I don't know about'infinity pool' and main palapa...could you supply info and a few pictures showing where it is.
Many thanks!!!
Bye for now.