Sunday, January 17, 2010

Outside Our House


Today we woke up to a little cool weather. It was actually perfect because I have been meaning for a couple of weeks to get my poinsettias planted in the ground. It's always too hot and sunny in the morning so I have been procrastinating. I also had to prop up my two bougainvilleas in front of the laundry room. I am hoping that they will grow up the wall and over the top of the laundry room roof. They look so pretty in town where they are spilling over fences and walls. In the photos you can also see that the two parking spaces are much more tidy. There is no grass growing between them or between the walkway to the front door. We had this work done when we first arrived in October.

One thing let to another and when I finished out front I pruned the mandevillias vines at the back patio. They were all over the top of my patio just as I wanted them to grow. The problem is that on some of our neighbours patios, they have intertwined around the wood and bamboo so much that they have caused a lot of rot damage. Now I am just going to have them grow up the posts. 

Around noon we were back to our usual hot weather. This afternoon I decided to go for a little float on the small pool outside our door with the new pool toys we bought. Couldn't get Gail to come in though. She is the water baby so go figure! And yes, that is a cerveza in my hand!


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Cathy said...

Awesome!! You're having too much fun!!!

Marg said...

These outdoor photos start to give me a sense of the place. Where is your house in relationship to the photo of you floating in the pool?
Also, how about a few photos from your upper deck and from your patio.
Thanks for sharing these.