Thursday, January 14, 2010

Frieda's Room


When we first moved here, we had decided to use the third bedroom as a TV/Computer room like we have in Victoria.  We ordered a sofabed and had it hauled up the stairs-with a great deal of difficulty for the delivery men. Then last year, Karen and Bud across the street wanted to change their living room furniture and sold us their two end tables and coffee table for only $1,000 pesos (less than $100. Cdn). They worked beautifully with the sofabed and had been made by Juan at the Rustica Furniture store in Bucerias where we had already bought a lot of stuff.

The first thing to change in our plan was that we had an outlet installed in our large upstairs landing and had Juan build us a small computer desk and chair. We thought it was a perfect way to utilize this otherwise large useless space.

Then, as time went on, we realized we would never use this room to watch TV. I thought and thought about what to do so we could turn the room into another guest area. I was thinking of placing an ad on our bulletin boards here at Los Amores to see if I could sell the sofabed.

What a surprise one day last month when Maureen came to the Tuesday games day at the small palapa and asked if anyone knew of someone who wanted to buy a queen bedroom suite! Maureen is an amateur artist and the only free space she had in her house was the dining room table. Her husband Tony is a fanatical neat-nick and it was driving him crazy. That day he had said to her that they should turn their third bedroom into a computer room/studio for her and get a sofabed for the rare times they have more than a couple of visitors.

It was true serendipity! I suggested we do a room swap and in less than a day Tony had hired a couple of the young fellows who work around here to move our sofabed to their house and the bed, dresser, mirror, and unused mattress to our house. They didn't want Karen and Bud's tables. I used one of the end tables for the other bedside as there was only one bedside table in the set. The other two pieces are downstairs, one I have my "Tonola mushrooms" on and the other we are using by the patio doors to hold our pool toys!

Just before Christmas I had finished sewing Roman blinds for all three rooms. I went back to the fabric shop and was delighted to find lots more of the same material so I could make a matching bedspread. I finished it yesterday and I am so pleased with the result!

Now, the reason why I've decided to call this room "Frieda's Room" is because of the large wall hanging of Frieda Kahlo which I have hung in there. As soon as I came back from Tonola last month with my other paintings, I moved the "Frieda" wall hanging into this room because the colours in it were perfect with the wall colour I had painted last year.

Frieda Kahlo was a very famous Mexican artist. She is revered by the Mexican people and her paintings are very popular here. She was married to another very famous Mexican artist, Diego Rivera. There was a movie made about her life a few years ago which starred Selma Hayek. If you are interested in knowing more about Frieda, here is more to read:

Also, as promised in a previous post, I've included a photo of the guest room with the twin beds blended into the king size. Our first guests this year, arrive in two weeks!!!! Cannot wait to see our buddies Tim and Dale (when we will be ceremoniously breaking into the four huge Tequila bottles I bought in Tequila)!!!

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