Sunday, January 24, 2010

Road Trip! Part Two

We spent Wednesday night in Melaque and then early the next morning left to head south toward Manzanillo, about 60 minutes away. It's a big port city and I was expecting it to be like Mazatlan but it seemed much cleaner and prettier. We drove by the port and it was huge. There were thousands of containers being loaded and unloaded onto rail cars. We stopped by the area where the fishermen dock and it was lovely, with lots of sculptures on the walkway.

After Manzanillo, we continued south through the state of Colima and into the next state of Michoacan. Our furniture builder, Juan, had told us to be sure to visit his favorite little town of San Juan de Alima because of it's fantastic beach. He was right, the beach was fantastic. There were huge rolling waves and breakers. Unfortunately, the town was not! It was tiny and the hotels were very basic. The biggest problem was dinner. There were only a few restaurants in town, they served nothing but seafood and shrimp (not a problem for us as we love it) and stopped serving at 6pm!!!!!  We found this amazing because most Mexican's eat much later than this. We made the best of it however and think it really was worthwhile going there because of the beach and the fabulous sunset that night. The town is situated more due west so the sun sank right into the ocean. Beautiful!

Part three to come!

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Anonymous said...

Your place looks fabulous and I haven't seen blue sky like that for months. Looking forward to seeing the both of you on the 29th.

Love Tim