Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Visit to the Mexican Post Office


I read Friday in an online Bucerias website that the local post office had laid off most of their delivery people last month. This explains why we have received no Christmas mail, even though we knew some had been sent. So, we decided to pay a visit to the hole in the wall post office here. It was my first time inside and it was chaotic. There were piles of mail on every surface- no idea if it was coming or going. I don't think they knew either.

After waiting a while to speak with someone, I was finally served. I asked if there was mail for either Gail or me. I gave the clerk a copy of my phone bill with both our names and address on it. Without answering, he took the bill and went into a small room, pushed the door to close it but it didn't quite-so I was able to watch him. He had STACKS of mail in there and was manually going through them piece by piece. After about 15 minutes he came back with a new phone bill and one card from Lea and Dale. I insisted that there was more in there for me. Poor guy, I don't really blame him for not wanting to search. But it was worth it because after another 10 minutes or so he came back with three more cards: one from Gail's sister in law Rosalee, one from my sister Brenda and one from our friends Maria and Walter in Austria-which had huge stamps all over it marked priority!!! He also tried to give me mail for someone in the complex next to ours! So much for taking our passports for ID!!!

If you have sent us mail, PLEASE let me know, either by commenting here or by emailing me. I don't know if I received everything today or not and don't want to go back to insist on more mail if it is non existent.


Anonymous said...

Hi Karen. I sent you and Gail separate Christmas cards. I guess you didn't get them. Take care.


Marg said...

In early December Sandy & I sent you a Christmas card. It contains our Christmas letter with an assortment of photos.

Cathy said...

You will laugh, but we have the same problems with our Post Office! Most of the mail that gets sent to us is returned to the sender! Apparently, Daniel and I are merely figments of our neighbors imaginations! If you have a physical address I would be happy to Fed Ex all the cheeses you could ever want!!!

Miss you, hope you're enjoying your fabulous piece of paradise!