Friday, November 27, 2009

American Thanksgiving+Lots to be Thankful For

Gail's Mom is improving every day, so much so that Gail thinks she may be able to return to Bucerias sometime next week. The family has lots of meetings set up with the social worker and doctor to discuss her ongoing care and placement. She now requires more intense care so this weekend they will be checking out long term facilites. Of course there are long 6-7 month wait lists for the best ones so in the meantime, she will either have to stay in the hospital or go back to her intermediate care home with extra support until a bed comes available. Lots of decisions. Still we are thankful that she made it through this latest crisis and that Gail got home to spend time with her mother.

For me, I spent a very nice evening yesterday celebrating American Thanksgiving with neighbours-Canadian hosts for some of the American's here. We had turkey with all the trimmings and boy was I glad not to have to heat up my kitchen for all the food! It was delicious and lots of fun. One couple is Jewish so Thanksgiving was even more special for them than most. They are so cute, they can't imagine having a Christmas tree in their house yet they buy Christmas gifts for their Christian friends and love going to Christmas parties!  Last year Marilyn showed up at the owners Christmas party wearing a t-shirt with reindeer on it. I had to tease her about it of course!

I spent the entire day today and a good part of yesterday painting the master bedroom and I'm still not finished. There is so much furniture to work around. I've finished the ensuite bathroom and painted one wall in the walk in closet so at least that much is done. I'm hoping to finish it tomorrow. I really don't mind much because it keeps me busy and after all it has to get done sometime.

So that's about it. I talk to Gail a couple of times a day using the MagicJack. What a fabulous device. I bought it last year for only $20.00. Then there is a $20.00 per year fee which gives me a Washington State telephone number that anyone up north can call to talk to me or leave a message. I can make unlimited 24/7 calls anywhere in the USA or Canada on that twenty bucks. I have a telephone connected to my computer instead of the wall but that is the only difference to using a regular telephone. It's been fantastic.

Hopefully, I will be able to post pictures of the bedroom sometime this weekend.

Thanks to all of you who have called, emailed and left messages on Facebook for Gail. I read every one to her and she is very touched. All your good thoughts and prayers have worked!

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