Sunday, November 15, 2009

One Room Finished!

I finally can say that one room in this house is completely finished. The main bathroom has the mirror, ceiling fan/light, over the cabinet light fixture (which I installed myself!!!!Mexican style electrical work!), towel racks and toilet paper holder moved to better locations (drilled into solid concrete, which I did myself with a hammer drill), it's painted and I love it! Hopefully, room by room I will work myself through the house and post pictures as I go.

It's Sunday and the carpenter finally arrived, two and a half days late. It's so pathetic it's funny. Even though the workers are late for EVERYTHING, I am so grateful when they arrive that I act like they are honoured guests! It's once again hot here, so I turned on the ceiling fan for the carpenter as he started to work in the kitchen. He went to his truck and came back wearing a sweater!! It's 32C! I love stuff like this. Makes me really realize that I am in a completely different space than Canada.

This week Christmas trees started to arrive in the big stores here like Home Depot and Mega (the supermarket). They are live, smell beautiful and are already dropping needles in the 30+C heat. Who buys them? It's only mid November.

Yesterday vendors had set up a plant sale in the Mega parking lot. They were selling all kinds of beautiful plants including large poinsettias for only $60 pesos (less than $6.Cdn. I bought two, one red and one white. I'm going to plant them outside in January to see if I can get them to survive. They are native plants in the mountain areas here but I'm not sure about the summer heat and the humidity here on the coast.

More rooms later this week, I hope!

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Marg said...

Thanks for posting photos... nice to check out your place.
We are enjoying our maui vacation. Check out our blog.