Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Guest Room

Today is Wednesday and we were supposed to have four workers here today. So far, the electrician, who was scheduled to fix the fan in the master bedroom at 10am has not come. It is now 1pm. The fellow due to install the security door has not arrived, but he only told me Wednesday, not a specific time, so there is still hope. The artist who we want to paint a mural in the stairwell is supposed to come sometime this afternoon to show us a sketch of what I have described. BUT.............
The glass man did come!!!!

Only yesterday, I ordered glass to cover the dresser and two bedside tables in the guest room plus a sheet to cover the computer desk. He was here smack on time at noon. Now the guest room is completely finished with the exception of a Roman Blind that I am going to make when I find fabric that I like. We already have blinds in the window but this room faces east and when the sun comes up in the morning (even in winter it rises here around 6:45am) the room becomes very bright very quickly.

I ordered the glass mainly because the top of the dresser is really the only spot for guests to place their luggage. I don't want the furniture scratched so I ordered the glass. It looks great and we are both very pleased-especially with the price. It only cost $670. pesos- less than $65.00 Canadian for all the glass, delivered one day after ordering.

I've posted a few photos of the guest room (including the closet). The beautiful mirror is courtesy of our wonderful friends Walter and Maria from Austria, who visited us in March. We took them to the Thursday market in La Penita and they found and bought us the mirror for the guest room. We love it and it is so authentically Mexican, with a punched tin and fired ceramic tile frame.

By the way, the two twin beds in the guest room convert to a king size bed. I designed and ordered the two headboards and had the end tables custom built to fit in the space we have. When we put the mattresses together, we have a special insert that we bought in Seattle at Bed Bath and Beyond (thanks to Lea and Dale for picking it up for us!). We cover it with a king mattress pad, push the headboards together, place the two bedside tables at each end and it works perfectly (and is super comfortable)!

Next time I put the beds into a King configuration, I'll take photos and post them.

Update: Just received this text message on my cell from Lobo, the artist:
"Hi Karen, no es posible to day no felling good tomorrow 12 o 1 oclock jaliso time sorry I have desings thanks"

Here is what I THINK this means:
Hi Karen, not possible to come today, no telling if tomorrow is good but maybe 12 or 1 o'clock Jalisco (Puerto Vallarta time*) Sorry, I have the design."

At least he contacted me, which is fabulous down here. Now it is just Hector, the door guy that I am being held hostage in the house for this afternoon.

*We live in Bucerias, which is in the state of Nayarit. Puerto Vallarta is in the state of Jalisco. These two states have an hour different time zone. Just about everyone down here, except Nayarit government offices, keep PV time. It is easier because we are directly on the border and of course the airport, especially, keeps PV time. The workers often use this to their advantage when scheduling a time to work for you. If they are late, they often say they are on Nayarit time. You learn to ask and some of them have learned to tell!

Well, Manana. We were hoping to have Thursday completely free of waiting. We want to take the afternoon off to spend on the beach, take a picnic dinner and watch the sunset over the bay.........

Like I have said, you really cannot make plans here, because they are changed by forces beyond your control.

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