Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mural Painted by Lobo!

First of all, Gail is home in Nova Scotia and spent last night with her Mom in the hospital. They both had a good night and Lillian is doing ok. She has some very good moments and some bad. It's hard to know what is going to happen as she has surprised the medical staff a lot. So, this is good news and no matter what the outcome is, Gail is very glad that she went back to spend this time with her mother.

Lobo finished our stairwell this morning. We wanted a Mexican puebla (village) scene, with houses, a church, flowers and a few people. He did a magnificent job and I am thrilled. Gail will have to wait to see the finished product! He painted two sides, one has a meadow with cows, trees, agava (tequila) plants, sunflowers, stone wall, fence etc and it flows onto the second wall to the street with a lady, man on a burro, vendor, houses, flowers surrounding them, trees, church etc. It's painted all the way to the ceiling so the top shows the mountains with the sky and clouds above. I'm describing it all because there is no way to take photos showing the entire effect.

On a funny note, I was home alone last night and every time I walked past the stairwell into the kitchen, the lady on the stairs startled me! I guess I will get used to her- almost like having a friendly ghost in the house!

So here are some photos- showing Lobo working, the progress and the finished wall.



Marg said...

WOW... great mural. I bet it looks fabulous. What fun!

Glad to hear that Gail's mother is improving. This must be very hard on Gail and her siblings.

Anonymous said...

OMG it is wonderful, can't wait to see it. It looks absolutely amazing and the colours are fantastic. I checked out all the pictures and love the paint in the bathroom, thought it looked good before but really like the colour. The guest room pictures makes me miss you guys even more. Pretty soon you will have nothing left to do......looks awesome....thinking about you both hope things go well for Gail and don't forget to have some relax time for yourself...talk to you soon.....love as always Dale and Tim and the gang yell a great big HELLO!!!!

Anonymous said...

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