Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happenings Around Here

There is not really too much to tell about the last week. It's still very quiet here but we have at least ten neighbours arriving this coming week. We went into Puerto Vallarta on Tuesday because I found out about a new fabric store that opened close to Walmart- much closer than going all the way into the Malacon area where the other two stores that I know about are located. I want to make Roman Blinds for the guest bedroom and the other two bedrooms eventually. The guest room is important because the sun rises on that side of the house and it is so bright in there early in the morning that it wakes up our guests. People on vacation do not need to rise so early! Anyway, the store is large and well stocked but I couldn't find the colours that I was looking for. Instead of sewing yesterday, I painted the main bathroom. It's just as difficult to paint bathrooms down here as home! But, it's done and today I will put everything back together in there and try to install the light fixture that I brought from home. I can't locate my electrician from last year so I am going to attempt it myself.
I also finally have hired a carpenter to put a door from the bedroom into the walk in closet in the master bedroom. He is also going to install additional shelving in here, put three drawers in the ensuite bathroom cabinet, install a door in the back of a kitchen cabinet and install a handrail at the top of our staircase. All this work should be started Saturday when he finishes his regular job and will be completed on Sunday. I can't wait to have it done.
I had wanted to paint the bedroom, closet and bathroom before the work is done but I don't think I will have time.
This morning, I finally had my large star choice satellite dish installed. Remember last year, they gave me the wrong size dish for Mexico. Now, I will be able to tune in the HD Channels. I need to get an HD receiver which I am going to buy online and have muled here by our next visitors!! Any volunteers?
My water system is also being serviced today. I need salt for the water softener and new filters. It's still working fine but it's an annual maintenance thing. We spend a lot of time at home waiting for all these people. The cabinet guy missed four appointments but now that I have hired him he seems to be on time for everything.
Last night we went into town (a quick five minute walk) to meet our friends Linda and Loren for drinks at Tapas del Mundo. It was Loren's birthday yesterday.
That's about it. We are just settling into a routine of normal living here. It's not a vacation-it's just life in the sun-which has been shining steadily ever since we arrived. Average days are about 30C and the nights are about 25C. Last night it dropped to about 23C and it was so beautiful walking into town and back-nice and cool!

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Anonymous said...

Hey you two, sounds like all is going well!!! Gail your popsicle looks yummy good idea. It was good to hear from you guys last week. Your going to have all the things done you have wanted in no time. Don't forget to measure under the stove and send to us with description of what you need. I will talk to you soon just wanted to say hi.......miss ya love Dale