Sunday, November 29, 2009

Master Bedroom and Ensuite

I've FINALLY finished the master bedroom! It's not that it is such a huge room but that I had to work around the furniture, shifting everything each time I tackled a wall. Three walls are painted a pretty lemon colour and the window wall is painted white.

Unless you have already been here you wouldn't notice anything different about the bathroom or closet. I've included pictures though to show the drawers that were added to the bathroom cabinet on the left side. Previously there had just been a solid wall there which made the area behind impossible to access. I had to buy the toilet paper holder as the only place to hang the holder was on the wall behind the toilet where the drawers now open. I hate having them hang behind the toilet anyway so I'm happy with the holder.

In the closet, I added a bank of shelves. There is now an additional one beside the one behind the door to the ensuite bathroom. I also added an extra shelf above the existing one. The ceilings are 10 feet high so there was a lot of wasted space. There is now a door into the closet from the master bedroom. It closes the room and looks much tidier. Besides, there is a skylight in the closet ceiling that brightens the bedroom too much in the morning. The skylight is a dome shaped thing that is larger than the hole in the ceiling is opened to the outside with only screening around the bottom. You can't see it but it is a constantly opened skylight. It's designed so that rain cannot get in. It's commonly done down here to give air circulation, especially in the rainly season when things can get mildewed really fast. I hate it for two reasons: all the dust from the construction around here comes in through the openings, and when the air conditioner is on in the bedroom, the cool (and very expensive to run) air flows right out the top. It's kind of the opposite of hearing my father say when I was growing up: "Close that door! I'm not paying to heat Elizabeth Avenue"! :) So now the closed door will at least allow the air conditioner to run more efficiently.

Yesterday, I went back to the fabric store and bought beautiful fabric to make Roman blinds for this bedroom and the guest room. I'll start working on them this week. I can't wait to have them done and hung. Next weekend I'm going to Guadalajara to go shopping so then I can add all the little finishing touches (like paintings and wall hangings) to many rooms in the house. Anyway, that will be a different post.

This morning I went out for breakfast with some of the neighbours to a litle Mexican place called Jorge's Cocina (George's Kitchen). They have great food at typically cheap Mexican prices. One thing I've noticed about just about all the restaurants here is the cheap and awful cutlery they use. You can go to a really nice place and have a fantastic meal on beautiful Mexican plates and the cutlery looks like it comes from a dollar store. Anyway, this morning my cutlery was really bad. The knife and fork were so small and short I could hardly cut and pick up my food. Then I noticed the name on the side of the fork "Mexicana". It was cutlery from an airline! I just howled when I saw it! It's things like this that I just love down here. The most innocent thing can turn into a "I cannot believe it" story.

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Marg said...

You have done a fabulous job and your bedroom looks great!
I really appreciate having the chance to see your photos of your place. Please consider adding more over the next while.

Tomorrow (Tuesday, Dec.1st) is our last day here in Maui. We've had a wonderful vacation. Now it's home to reconnect with friends and start the rounds of Christmas parties.

Good news is that my Mum is doing well at Kiwanis Pavilion. Sandy's sister, marilyn, works there and she has been having extra visits with her. Even Abby has gone over a couple of times.
Bye for now.