Sunday, November 22, 2009

Back to Nova Scotia

Gail received some bad news yesterday. Her mother is in hospital with pneumonia, irratic heart rate, high blood pressure and failing kidneys. She is 86 years old. We were unable to get a flight back to Halifax for her yesterday and the only one available today leaves at 8:40PM on Westjet. She arrives in Calgary at 12:45am then has to stay overnight until her flight via Toronto tomorrow morning at 8AM. She won't get to Halifax until 5:30PM Monday

It's been an emotional 24 hours so far. Thank God we have the MagicJack Washington State telephone number here. She has been able to make and receive calls and messages back and forth to her family- who are of course all at the hospital. This morning the news is guardedly hopeful. Her Mom had a good night and is somewhat stable. Gail was able to speak briefly to her Mom yesterday, which made her feel somewhat better. She just wants to make it home in time to see her.

Of course yesterday, when we were desperately trying to make an airline reservation and dealing with lots of long distance calling, all my workers showed up! Aghhhh.

We had our metal security/screen door installed- what a terrific amount of noise that created.

Our artist showed up, without a ladder as he was unable to borrow one from his friend. Our stairwell is at least 20 feet high- so I had to borrow Ann and Jack's for him. He climbed up and promptly dropped a bottle of bright blue paint from a height of about 15 feet- hit the light fixture on the way down to smash on the ceramic tiles and grout. What a scramble to clean THAT up! (But he was so sweet and apologetic I couldn't get mad). The wall is about one third done and looks breathtaking!

Mariano, my carpenter arrived with all his equipment, tools and materials and had to get up the stairs with it all. Oh boy, it was like a zoo here.

So, now we have a long wait today for our trip to the airport. Gail has very little in the way of warm clothes. One pair of long pants, one pair of jeans, one pair of sneakers, two light sweaters and a rain jacket. Our sweet neighbours Marilyn and Barry stopped by last night to see if they could lend her some things to wear. We are so blessed to have purchased a house in this complex. Everyone is so helpful and kind.

So, if you read this today or tomorrow, send Gail good thoughts and good karma. I'll keep the blog updated with what is happening there and here, where I will remain.


Marg said...

We are really sorry to hear about this and hope Gail got safely to Halifax. Yes, of course, this is terribly upsetting.
We'll keep in touch via your blog.

Anonymous said...

Gail-I hope you made it safely to Halifax.Thinking of you and your family.
Brenda Galway

MikiandDaphne said...

So sorry to hear about Gail's Mom - as usual we are enjoying your blog. Ours has been pretty neglected, so will add some posts very soon. Your home looks wonderful - thanks for adding those pics - nice to have a visual. Please pass on our best to Gail when you talk to her again.