Friday, November 20, 2009

Sunset Picnic on the Beach

Last night we decided to have a picnic dinner on the beach so we could watch the sunset. Early in the morning, Gail BBQ'd chicken and made a Greek salad. I spent most of the day painting the ensuite bathroom so by 5pm I was ready to call it a day.

We are so close to the beach. We walk out of our complex, go down the street, cross the road, turn right and walk about the length of a building. Then we turn left to a beach access path. There are steps leading to the beach and right in the middle of one step a large palm tree is growing! Last year when we arrived, there was a drop of about 10 feet from the bottom step to the sand because so much was washed away because of the heavy rains. This year, no problema!

There were very few people on the beach. We had a beautiful, relaxing time, eating cold chicken, cold salad, drinking cold bevys and watching the surf and sun. At one point a trio of Mariachi players strolled by, no doubt heading to one of the beach restaurants just down the sand a few hundred feet away.  They were so colourful!

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